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Below is a list of trusted sites that can provide more information to Alcoholics Anonymous members:

English Speaking contact in Santa Marta, Colombia contact Tom R. +57 313 6204313 whatsapp enabled

Alcoholics Anonymous Main Site – The general site for A.A. is full of useful information, guides, reading material, audio, and video to help you know that you are not alone. Please check it out today, and if you haven’t already, contact us to get free, anonymous help.

English Speaking Meetings Belo Horizonte, Brazil

English Speaking Meetings in Sao Paulo

English Speaking Meetings Lima, Peru

English Speaking Meetings Paraguay

English Speaking Meetings in Sao Paulo and Goias

Friends and Family of Alcoholics

English Speaking AA Meetings Santiago, Chile

English Speaking Meeting Quito, Ecuador – E-mail:

English Speaking AA Meetings Europe

English Speaking Meetings Asia Oceania Service Area

AA Speakers Online

AA Grapevine

Buenos Aires English Meetings

English Speaking Meetings Buenos Aires

Free Reading Material

Contact A.A. Medellin

To find out more about our meetings, or just for general info, contact: all contacts below use whatsapp. available for free in the app store or at

John B. +57 324 608 9091

John S +57 302 214 6313

Richard K. +57 323 8129 248


Whatsapp +57 318 6928619

727-238-5297 (google voice)

from USA and Canada dial
011 57 4 508 9194
011 57 317 638 8169 (cell)

from within Colombia
4 508 9194
317 638 8169 (cell)

from USA and Canada dial
011 57 4 312 7837
011 57 300 806 4836(cell)

from within Colombia
4 312 7837
300 806 4836(cell)